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HR Documentation

We offer a comprehensive range of clear and up-to-date HR documents, ensuring you have everything you need to streamline your HR processes without the laborious task of generating your own paperwork. 

Our experienced HR and legal professionals will carefully curate any documentation you require including (but not limited to), employee handbooks, policies, procedures and template letters. We also provide documentation to support your recruitment processes, helping to ensure they are free from unconscious bias and aligned with your business ethos and culture, this could be in the form of hand-picked interview questions, a screening matrix or job advertisements. 


The key advantage to outsourcing your documents to Boutique HR is our commitment to staying abreast of the latest employment laws and regulations, allowing you to focus on your strategic HR initiatives and business success rather than worrying about legal pitfalls. We offer you piece of mind, knowing that your HR documentation is always current and aligned with best practices. 

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